Extend The Life Of Your Inflatable and Save $$Money$$

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At A Lot of Fun Stuff we have been in the inflatable rental business for the last 15 years. Their are 2 things you can count on this business 1 inflatables wear out and 2 customers are not happy with worn out inflatables. Their is a point where an inflatable get's so worn out it should be replaced. But before they get to that point you can extend their life and save money by having them repaired. Which is why we opened an inflatable repair shop.

We know what it is like to need an inflatable fixed and we are to help. Call us we will arrange a time to meet with you as soon as we possibly can.

We can also pick up your inflatable and return it to you for an additional fee.

Contact us at (801) 282-8560 info@alotoffunstuff.com